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The Security Industry Authority Licence for Private Investigators codifies and regulates the activities of those involved in Professional Investigations.


The UK's Awarding bodies for Private Investigator (Security Industry Authority accredited) qualifications are: Industry Qualifications and Pearson - we are training centres with both organisations.


The anticpated S.I.A. licence has become the standard for operatives in our sector. We understand the requirements of colleagues, established investigators, corporate investigators and entrants to the industry.


SIA private investigator qualifications are incorporated into SIA Business Licences and remain the mechanism by which existing investigators confirm and demonstrate knowledge and professionalism.

Study the BTEC Professional Investigators Award from your home or office



Study the IQ Award for Professional Investigators for ABI members or investigators with established skills and and operations



The Law Society has granted the A B I its endorsement


The Law Society of Scotland has granted the A.B.I its endorsement


We are available throughout your investigation career - offering further learning, training and real work opportunities. Look at our process server and other training options to expand your skill set. We support and assist. The Pearson and IQ Awards we offer are listed on the ofqual register which regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments.


The training body for Professional Investigators


 "The Association of British Investigators is now recognised as the premier professional body for private investigators working in the UK and beyond. A non profit organisation, its national and international membership provides credibility and due diligence"


Burton Regan Limited

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Burton Regan Limited

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Professional Investigators



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